No Balagan

No Balagan offers a wide range of services connected with your home.

We believe that your home or office should be organized to serve you, rather than the other way around.

We at No Balagan believe that:
Order in the home = Order in your head = Order in your life.
Order and organization improve the quality of life.
The time, energy, and financial and mental resources that we invest in looking for things, day after day, hour after hour, and the constant mental stress that this involves, fill us with disquiet and prevent us from doing the things that we like and really want to do.
The services are personal and tailored to suit the needs of each client. Together with the home owner, we identify the problematic areas and the points that we need to start working on.
We come with a non-judgmental attitude and with a strong belief that mutual agreement will produce the best and long lasting results.
We use the existing means available in the client’s home, avoiding unnecessary expense, and where necessary, we buy the additional simple items that are needed to maintain order, at a cost to suit the client’s pocket.
We at No Balagan have a lot of experience with homes that are considered especially challenging. We have achieved excellent results in places where other, good, even excellent, firms have failed before us.
We remain in contact with our clients even after the job is finished, and are available to answer any questions or offer advice as needed.


  • Creating Order and organization in the home.
  • Moving Home – packing, transporting and settling in the new home.
  • Handling paperwork.
  • Moving to a retirement home.
  • Letting go with respect – dealing with a departed one’s belongings.
  • Preparing homes for sale, including home styling.
Creating order and organization in the home:
Dealing with all areas in the home: walk-in closets, kitchens, children’s rooms, storerooms – we even deal with overhead storage areas. From the clothes in your closet, and the pans in the kitchen, to the piles of papers and even the garden shed, everything will be put in order. Our work includes the organized removal of items, after close examination and selection of what is to be kept and what donated to charity.
Moving home:
A tiring and exhausting process for everyone, and especially difficult for people who are moving abroad.
No Balagan is there for you, to make this step much easier. We supply you with a packing service, after checking the items at your request, using materials that will ensure the safe arrival of all items at the destination.
No Balagan works with a top professional moving company that provides guaranteed, trustworthy and courteous service. On moving day, we will be with you from the start and throughout the entire day to ensure that everything arrives in your new home in perfect order. We will also begin unpacking the same day at the end of the move, so that by the evening you can sleep comfortably in your new home.
Handling paperwork:
No Balagan will rescue you from the official paperwork monster (in short – balagan), helping you step by step, in the full understanding that Hebrew is not your mother tongue. In the first stage we will examine, organize and file papers and bills, from the first to the last. The second stage will include “do and don’t” guidelines, and an explanation of which papers to keep and for how long. The third step will be, together with you, to find an easy and convenient way of maintaining this orderly way of filing and cataloguing. In our own special way we make it easy for you to get out of the paper mess efficiently. If needed, we will advise you regarding any office accessories that should be bought. For us, papers are nothing more than paper tigers.
Moving to a retirement home:
No Balagan will support and accompany you all the way. Together with you, we will find the right way of packing in an organized and accurate way, and will handle your possessions in a sensitive and caring manner. After the move, we will arrange your new home professionally and efficiently, working with an experienced moving company that has insurance and recommendations. We will contact people who may be interested in buying some of your possessions, or donate them to charity. We will be delighted to meet you and tell you about our services, without any commitment on your part.

Letting go with respect – dealing with a departed one’s belongings:
Life is full of partings but the most difficult parting is the death of a loved one. No matter what the circumstances, the process is painful, complicated, and not at all straightforward, and at the end of the mourning period it is also necessary to deal with the possessions that your loved one has left behind. How does one part with these possessions? How can one do it with reverence, without harming their memory? We will assist you step by step, with sensitivity and respect, concerning what is to be done with these items. The work will be done by a small team, with empathy and patience, and if necessary we will advise you regarding charities and entities that collect or purchase these items.

Preparing a home for sale, including home styling:
The “No Balagan” team offers a variety of services for updating your house before selling it. These include organizing the house, removal of items, various repairs, and home styling.